Walnut Heights Elementary

4064 Walnut Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, United States | 925-944-6834


School History

Walnut Heights School opened in 1951 and was founded in November of that year by the Walnut Heights PTA. The first principal was Dr Elmo Giulieri, former Superintendent of Education. Floyd Buchanan took over the place of Dr. Lloyd Scott in his school years of 1955-57 for two years in 1953-55.

Alden Henry, who served for seventeen years, became principal in 1957 and succeeded Henry in 1961. In 1968 the Nature Area was developed and the recreational facilities of the school and library enhanced. Between 1977 to 1986, Earl Allen was director. Nancy Rivara, who was Vice-Superintendent at WCI, was named his successor after his retirement.

Diane Collen was owner from 1994 to 2007.  Ms. Collen was a former principal and Walnut Heights resident at Parkmead Elementary School. In the same year Walnut Heights introduced the new District Superintendent, Michael De Sa, on the resignation of Dr. Ken Meinecke. During the school year 1996-97, key changes were made to resurface the roof, to rearrange the parking area and to quickly reduce class sizes at grades 1 to 3. There were also only 20 students in kindergarten classes the next year.



In the summer of 1997, extensively modernized and updated, with white boards, air-conditioning and plumbing, all education classes began. 1998 saw a construction of a new nursery, renovated classrooms and a new Library Media Center. Such improvements were made with proceeds from a bond measure that had been adopted many years ago. There have been many changes in schools and neighborhoods over the years. Constant attempts to achieve high academic standards and the outstanding degree of family involvement and the ethos of community at Walnut Heights are consistently upheld. In 2007 the director of Walnut Heights was Susan Drews.


School Profile

Nestled in the foothills of the Mount Diablo, the Walnut Heights Elementary School has a3-acre nature area next to the Open Space of the Walnut Creek. In this natural setting, about 400 children and their families are provided with transitional kindergartens (TK) through the five-degree school setting. In 2003, the School District was established in 1952 and modernised in 1998, incorporating outdoor schools and a new amphitheater in 2004. Bond money constantly improves the location of the school. During the 2007-08 academic year, the park was expanded and redesigned.

Highly rated public school in Walnut Creek, California, is the Walnut Heights Elementary School with a student-teacher ratio of 22 to 1. 396 K-5 graduates. 77 percent of students are at least quantitative and 82 percent reading, according to state test scores. The student population at Walnut Heights Elementary School 396 students fell 6% over 5 years. Over five school years, the 18-teacher workforce remained relatively stable.


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