Livorna Park

Livorna Rd & Miranda Avenue, Alamo, CA 94507

This park is a really great park for kids in general, but particularly for school children. I have two sons, and they have both grown up on this park. They LOVE it! It has really creative structures for children, and they have thought about the different ages, with a play structure that is clearly for younger kids, and then one for older kids. My sons started with the one for younger children, and now they are enjoying the one for older children! In addition to the play structures, there is a sandbox that is actually clean. The maintenance people sift through the sand regularly, so it is always ready for our kids to play. For the parents and onlookers, there is lots of shade and grass to sit on. I love this place for my kids, and I have loved watching them develop motor skills, a love for nature and athletics, and just developing as people here. I would recommend this place for anyone with kids, looking to them more into playing outside! It is a good place for parents to meet as well. I have met some of my best “mom friends” at this park! 


This is a great place for a day out! This place is really nice because of the free facilities that they offer, just to then public! There is a basketball court with a new hoop, a tetherball court, and a little tennis court. There really are many fun things children can do at this park. There are also on-site bathrooms which make it much easier for to spend extended periods of time here. My daughter is ADHD, and it is hard for her to just do one thing at a time. I am grateful to this park, because we can bring a basketball and tennis rackets, and we are set for the day! She can play on the play structure, shoot some hoops, and hit the tetherball around a couple times. A park like this with so many options is amazing for her, because she is able to enjoy just being outside and being active. She would get frustrated before because she didn’t want to just do one thing. Now, she is able to enjoy being outdoors, and just being able to do her. She can flit from one activity to another, and as a result, she loves this park like crazy! She is always asking to go here, and we are always glad to take her.

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