Larkey Park Swim Center

2771 Buena Vista Ave, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

The swimming lessons here are incredible! I have 2 children, and I thought that I would never get them back in the water. We had a very traumatic swim lesson experience at another swimming class, and I was worried that that incident would prevent them from ever enjoying the water. However, the swim instructors here are very patient, and my daughter loves her swim classes, the pool, and water. My son is getting better at being in the water, and he is learning to be more comfortable with time. The instructors are very kind to him, and he knows he has time to adjust and take things at his own pace. The administration and all employees here were extremely helpful. Besides, the Splashground is the best!! What kid wouldn’t love this place?? 


It is really great to have a lovely pool park, such as Larkey Park Swim Center. This water park has much to offer both the young and the elderly, and it is a great place to cool down in, during the hotter parts of the day. The water itself is not super chemicalized, with just enough to control the algae etc. I do not have the feeling of climbing out of a chemical bath when I get out of the pool.  I would love it if this pool were open more, actually! It would be a lot better if the pool could open a bit earlier, since it would be nice to get in the pool earlier and stay longer. When it is already 100 degrees between 12 and 4 p.m., it can be hard to want to start a day at the pool. If it was already open by that time, then that would be amazing! If it was open for six months of the year also, that would make it even better. Other than that it is a really nice swimming facility! Thank you Walnut Creek! 


This is truly a wonderful place. I've been going to Larkey Park for a few years now, and the newest addition is wonderful. There is now a larger section just for children, a couple of lanes for lane swimming for parents, and a big dive board for everyone, of course! The pool has lots of lawn to lay down your things, sunbathe, and picnic on. The water is fairly warm, so it is not unpleasant to jump into, even on a cooler day. I’m so glad that we found this place, and it has never failed to disappoint us!. Naturally, the children love it, and the adults do too. The lifeguard staff is very watchful, so I feel very safe letting my children play, and allowing myself to relax! I would recommend this place to anyone who just needs a fun place for the WHOLE family!


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