Lafayette Reservoir

Lafayette, CA 94549

This is a very pretty location that is perfect for picnics and parties! However, it is pretty windy, so be prepared and dress accordingly. There are some children’s play structures here as well, so on a family outing the children can be entertained too. There are a couple BBQ grill/ grill pits that are set up, so making a day trip out of visiting here is totally possible. I went there for the first time recently and loved it, but that wind is strong! Really make sure to bring enough clothing because otherwise it can be a little miserable. There are also boats that can be rented, so that is a really nice touch. Renting the boats isn’t too expensive and then you can go boating in the bay! Overall, a super nice park and a great place to spend the day. 


It is always a beautiful walk here, with the loop being about 2.75 miles, I believe. I like to go before it gets too warm, although with the wind it isn’t ever really that warm. This place is ideal for visiting in the autumn/winter. I don’t believe there is a strict policy on dogs leashed vs. unleashed, because I’ve seen both! The hiking trails are not very intense, but I have seen some uphill and downhill loops before. This park is great for just a day trip with the family, since it has a playground, a couple of picnic tables/benches, and a couple of grills. This place also has a lot of wildlife! I have seen several wild animals with their babies here, so that’s always a thrill. Parking here is not free though, and the price is about $5/day. However, I really believe that it is worth it. It is a beautiful park with lots to offer.


For a picnic day, this is a really good place! All the plants here are green, and the water and sky always seem blue. The walk along the reservoir is 2.7 miles, and is a solid loop. It isn’t a super fancy park, but it allows access to the water, which is always very refreshing to see. There are also boat rentals that you can do, which I have always had a blast doing. Everytime I have been here I have enjoyed the park, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice place to recharge.

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