Hidden Lakes Park

Morello Ave & Chilpancingo Pkwy, Martinez, CA 94553

The Hidden Lakes is a picturesque little park on Morello Avenue in Martinez, California. There is a large football field, which is surrounded by a high-quality running track. There are also large basketball courts, and an extensive playground. There is plenty of open grass with picnic tables, grills with complementary charcoal, and a public restroom.  The park itself consists of a number of acres of open areas, with walking trails for your dog, you and your family, or just you to walk, run, and explore. One of the trail leads to an open man-made lake It is a super nice and peaceful place to walk, and feel like you are out of the suburbs, without leaving them.


We stumbled upon this place by happy coincidence, when our daughter found it on Google. We had never been there before, so it was quite a joy to discover for a little leg-stretcher. The park itself  was fantastic! There's a lot of different things you can do, because they have thought of everything. There are several different playgrounds, which I loved because they accommodate older and younger children. There is a sandy volleyball court, baseball diamond, and football fields which are all open to the public! Additionally, there are a lot of different hiking trails. We were not able to explore them all due to our time constraints, but we will come back for more! We were so thrilled to have found this place, and we are planning on coming back here in the near future.  


This is a  large park with plenty of open space. It has 1 full basketball courts, football fields, a baseball diamond, a track (concrete),  and 2 playscapes (1 for smaller kids 1 for older kids). It also has a lot of walking and hiking trails. I grew up nearby, and I have always enjoy coming here. As a child, I would be allowed to visit, and I loved exploring all of the paths. I am familiar with the ones from that time, but the new ones not so much. I fondly remember the basketball court, but some of the newer things I did not play on as a child. I do not remember the playscape for the younger children, but I have fond memories of the other for my grade school years. I have not had as much time as an adult to visit, but I enjoy going back every once and awhile. A truly wonderful park.

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