Heather Farm Park

301 N San Carlos Dr, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

This is an excellent park with plenty of covered playground facilities, rock climbing for older children, fountains, children's sand, soccer fields and baseball diamonds. On the day of the last tournament, it was not that shady, but there was some shade to be found in some spots. Geese poop across the grass, which makes any sport, regardless if you are a player or a parent just sitting, and really anything in particular, difficult without standing in poop. This would be the only bad thing I would have to say about this whole plark. Of course-" Please don't feed the geese and ducks with bread” is another one, but I understand that families go here to have a good time. Overall, this is a wonderful park that promotes family bonding, exercise, and being outdoors! 


It's a terrific place. Even for children as young as 2, the large, “big kid” playground is great. It contains handicapped swings that are safe to strap younger children into. Sometimes the playground does get quite crowded, but that’s okay because that means kids are playing outdoors, right?! The playground has overhead sun canopies, protecting against the high sun, and there is shade is surrounding the picnic tables and park benches. Lots of grass and trees. Plenty of green. Dogs and their owners are walking around the park and heading for the dog park which is right behind the main park.A beautiful gazebo rose garden, and there is also a community building, which is available for rent with a fully equipped kitchen and a barbecue.


In December, the roses in the rose garden are still plentiful and still have colour, but spring is the best time to catch these beauties in their full element. The color selection is amazing, and the gardens are very well tended to throughout the year, even when the flowers are not blooming. Everything here almost seems magical. There are roads that lead you to the hidden sculpture of the eagle, tiny beds of uncommon crops worth a second look, and just sitting in the garden next to the lake to meditate on the beauty is an unbelievable experience. On the weekends in the spring, the gardens will fill with weddings. The gazebo and gardens make for a wedding a wonderful location with beautiful roses, and people have discovered that it is a magical place.


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