Castle Rock Regional Recreation Area

1700 Castle Rock Rd, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Since the sixties, I've been blessed to know Ron and Ruth Ford, who were the keepers of the park since as long as I can remember. For years, my mother would spend the summer as a lifeguard there. During the summer months, we were there every day, just enjoying the park. Even for years after I had grown up, our family had all of our family reunions, special events, and celebrations there. It was always a safe place for us. This is the type of park that you come, and you stay the whole day and never get tired of being there. The park itself is beautiful. There are large oak trees, providing shade on the grass, making it easy to relax and sit on. However, there is also plenty of room for tanning on the lawn. The scenery is always picturesque, with the background of the park being clean and well looked after. There are bathrooms, change rooms, and showers open to the public, which are clean and well looked after. Any complaints are taken care of instantly. There are athletic facilities as well, with baseball fields, volleyball courts, hiking trails, and even a dance floor and jukebox area! I will never forget this park, and the amazing memories I have made there. I am returning next week, and it’s simply just the best place I can imagine being at. 


This park is really in an amazing region for climbing, and the park does have a really amazing trail for hiking and climbing. However, in order to get to the climbing route, there is a mile hike, which leads to the pine canyon / castle rock turn out.  There are steep, and sometimes unmarked, canyons which will lead you through a creek. In order to follow the correct turn to go up, the path is not well labeled. For first-timers, it is crucial you go with someone that knows the route so you do not get lost. Overall,  The Mountain Project is an amazing hike/trail, with a huge pay off. It is an intense trip, however, and is not for the casual hiker/climber. The rewards are fantastic, with incredible views and great cliffs. Would recommend if you’re looking for a little adventure! The staff tries to keep the trails clear, but they could label the path a little more clearly.

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