Walnut Creek Schools


The Elementary School District of Walnut Creek is the primary TK-8 district of the central bay region. A unique blend of industrial, residential and open spaces is the culture of Walnut Creek. Approximately 3600 students in 6 elementary schools and one middle school meet the needs of the district. In 2015, a K-8 school opened its sixth elementary school. Throughout TK-5 schools, students are primarily taught throughout separate class rooms, while students in 6-8 grades are both enrolled in core and optional courses.

The district of the Walnut Creek School aims at creating experiences of education that engage, inspire and empower all students.  Through collaboration with our group WCSD aims to create outstanding educational experiences that respect the uniqueness of students ' academical, social and emotional needs, creating an environment that inspires engagement, confidence, enthusiasm.


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WCSD acknowledges the following factors as part of creating a learning environment for the 21st century:

  • Facilities that offer accessibility, flexibility, and versatility
  • Educational Technology practices that are infused with academic, social, and emotional goals
  • Relevant curriculum that empowers students with choice and voice
  • Pedagogical practices that nurture and support a diverse population of students
  • Lunchtime experiences that nurture nutritional needs and social connections

Their mission is to strive to become an educational success model with our commitment to connect profoundly with the environment through learning, growth, imagination, leadership and character. The staff, families and a broader community in the Walnut Creek School District as partners will develop creative, long life learners with the abilities and the enthusiasm to shape a changing world in a student-centered, academically challenging setting which cultivates character, celebrate learning and fosters collaboration.