Parkmead Elementary

1920 Magnolia Way, Walnut Creek, CA 94595, United States | 925-944-6858


The Walnut Creek Parkmead Elementary School opened its gates in 1948 in an area where farming moved to make room for development in the surrounding areas. It is now a fast 10-minute stroll to the bustling heart of San Francisco East Bay, which has developed into a rich cultural hub. The central location of the school offers an excellent basis for visiting the Bay Area, the Museum of Nature in the area, numerous living history sites and the main art center in the city, all of which are frequently used by the students. In 1985, because of low attendance, the Board of Directors chose to close the school. In 1989, 324 students rebuilt Parkmead. The Parkmead School has grown to nearly 450 TK-5 pupils in the years since its reopening. Four classroom buildings, an executive wing and an involved childcare center are on the vast campus. The school also provides play areas and 4 acres of pond and fields used during non-school hours, not only by students but also by youth sports teams and community families.


School Profile

Parkmead Elementary School provides services to 449 kindergarten-5 grade students. For the 2016 to 17 academic year, the percentage of students with mathematical skills is 65% (higher than the California State average of 38%). The percentage of students with academic / language arts skills is 68% (which is higher than the average of 48% in the state of California) during 2016-17. The ratio of 24:1 pupil to teacher is greater than 23:1 for California. Minority enrolment (majority Asian and Spanish) is 35 percent of the student body and is less than California's 76 percent average state.


The Parkmead Elementary campus, in the Walnut Creek School District, houses two schools, the Parkmead Community School and the Parkmead Active Learning School.


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