Murwood Elementary

2050 Vanderslice Avenue Walnut Creek, CA 94596 | 925-943-2462


School’s Mission Statement

“In a child-centered challenging environment that cultivates character and celebrates learning, the families, community and staff of Murwood School will develop literate, exemplary learners who are highly motivated, creative and responsive. All students will leave Murwood Elementary School prepared for success in the middle-school grades.”


School Overview

It has 372 K-5 grades teachers, with a student-teacher ratio of 20 : 1. Murwood elementary school has a high standard in the public school of Walnut Creek, California. 67% of students have at least mathematical talents and 72% have reading skills according to state tests. For the 2016–2017 academic year, the percentage of students with Math skills ranged from 65% to 69% (which is higher than the California State average of 38%). The percentage of students acquiring reading and language skills for the 2016-17 academic year is between 70-74% (which is higher than the California state average of 48%). The 21:1 ratio of pupil to teacher is below 23:1 in California. Minority enrolment is 44% (Asian majority) of students, which is less than the average state of California of 76%.

In the Walnut Creek School District, Murwood Elementary School is teaching approximately 400 areaK-5 students. The State Superintendent of Public Instruction has honored Murwood as a California Distinguished School. The Murwood Consultative Council, a school site council consisting of six staff and six guardians, encourages the principal to enhance the classroom. Lisa Cheney is the headmaster of the school.


In the growing community of Walnut Creek, Murwood is an 365 pupil childcare transfer (TK) to 5th-grade primary school. It is a stunning, diverse school, in a middle-class area. Murwood represents the best in our culture. History says Murwood is located on property donated by two families who fused surnames to create the mark of' Murwood.' Murwood is a richly diverse neighborhood reflecting Walnut Creek's various socio-economic aspects.

We accept students from areas of Alamo, Walnut Creek residential neighborhoods and the large community of Creekside who bring family members from all over the country. Murwood is often their first educational experience in the United States. We are proud to be friendly and dry, which ensures that families that are moving to the US connect with them to seek a spot in our culture. Our teachers, staff and family are all working hard to ensure that immigrants are accepted.


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And of course after you’re done visiting any and all of these amazing schools don’t forget to visit us at Kwon & Jabbour Dental Clinic on La Casa Via in Walnut Creek!