Indian Valley Elementary

551 Marshall Dr, Walnut Creek, CA 94598, United States | 925-944-6828


In Walnut Creek, Indian Valley School parallels the open space routes leading into the Diablo range. This California Distinguished School is the focus of the collective that includes about 400 students in the fifth grade transitional kindergarten.

School’s Mission Statement

“Through the efforts of staff and with the support of parents, we dedicate ourselves to providing a stimulating, positive environment that promotes intellectual, academic, social, and personal growth for all children. We strive to uphold the WCSD mission statement to Engage, Inspire and Empower all learners.”


School Overview

The Indian Valley Elementary School is a highly rated public school in Walnut, California and has a student-teacher ratio of 21 : 1, with 398 students in K-5 grades. 62 percent of students have at least objective information, and 73 percent have readings according to state test scores. In comparison with other schools in California, this school is rated above average in school quality. Students in this university conduct more than average state tests, improve academics over an average year, and this school has over-average results in how good it serves disadvantaged students.



Elementary Indian Valley School serves kindergarten students through the fifth grade. The school offers various activities such as the school board, choir, band, orchestra and regular, the craft and community clubs. It also organizes tournaments in national bee and bee spelling and math olympics. Indian Valley Elementary School provides children with general academic instruction. The program includes English, algebra, physics, social and physical sciences. The school also operates a network of parent-teachers who conduct other outreach programs. It also provides skilled and talented students advanced education programs. The Indian Valley Elementary School is located in Walnut Creek, Calif., in the Walnut Creek School District.


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