Mount Diablo Park

Mount Diablo State Park, Summit Rd, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

The Mount Diablo Park is an isolated upthrust peak and a unique identifier in Walnut Creek, California. Perceived as a point of creation, and being visible from most parts of the San Francisco Bay, it was a sacred spot for many Native Americans in California.

This 20,000 acre state park is located in Contra Costa County. It protects the towering Mt. Diablo peak which overlooks the mesmerizing surroundings, with the jaw dropping views from its summit stretching as far as Mount Lassen on clear days.

That’s not all. A quick turn and you behold the whole of San Francisco, the Central Valley and, if you’re lucky, the Sierra Nevada. Mt. Diablo is a sight to soothe sore eyes as, during the winters, it is lightly snow capped. However, snow is rather rare in the lower elevations, and temperatures may vary greatly with height.

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In spring, the region is replete with a myriad of waterfalls and small rivers. The many hiking routes in and around the park are abound with nature’s bounties.

A treat to visitors, the region offers an eclectic range of flora and fauna - coyote, bobcats, black-tailed deer, fox squirrels, ground squirrels and grey foxes, roadrunners, and burrowing owls. Apart from these, golden and bald eagles are easily spotted during winters.

The extensive trails, the delightful rich wildlife, engaging and distinct scenery, aesthetic remote areas and widespread rock formations can be explored, either on horseback or bikes.

Located on Gate Road which connects it to the neighboring areas, the park gate opens at 8 a.m. The park offers an arresting outing opportunity for your family and a thrilling escapade for the cyclists, who love the narrow and twisty roads. The panoramic views of the area from the Summit Visitor Center are breathtaking and offer a sweeping view of the farron islands that lie beyond the Golden Gate Bridge to the west.

Must visit

  • Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center - A starting point for a number of trails, it is especially noted for its wildflowers.
  • Rock City - An impressive hiking route among impressive sandstones (Sentinel Rock, Elephant Rock, Wind Caves)
  • Blackhawk Ranch Quarry - A trove of mammal bone fragments.

The Mount Diablo Interpretive Association offers guided hikes for visitors willing to witness the annual tarantula migration in September and October. The spiders are quite harmless, but the hikes may require advance sign up.

This amazing hiking trail is located near the following trails in Walnut Creek, California:

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