Buena Vista Elementary

2355 San Juan Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | 925-944-6822


Buena Vista elementary school is located on 2355, San Juan Avenue, between theI-680 south and 24 ramps, in an intermediate vicinity behind the Walnut Creek Bart station. Our campus boasts avenue of San Juan to the east, Parkside Avenue to the south, avenue of Buena Vista to the west and Alvarado Avenue to the north. From I-680 South take the North Main Street exit. Turn right on Parkside and a right on San Juan.

From I-680 North take the North Main Street exit. Turn left on North Main Street, right on Parkside, and right on San Juan. From 24 North take the Ygnacio Valley Road exit. Turn left at the light and stay in the middle lane until you reach a stop sign. Turn right on Parkside and left on San Juan.


School Overview

Elementary Buena Vista is a high-ranking public school based in Walnut Creek, California. There are 454 K-5 students with a ratio of 21 and 1 student and teacher. The number of students who acquired Mathematical skills for 2016-2017 is 69 percent (which is 38 percent higher than the California average). For the 2016/17 school year, the percentage of students with a reading and linguistic skills is 68% (which is above the California state average of 48%). The ratio pupil to teacher is less than 23:1 in California. Minority attendance is 53 percent (most Asian) of the graduates, which is less than the average of 76 percent of the California population.

Teachers of Buena Vista engage in the unique level training of readers and writers in the operation of the class. Students are continuously improving their education and they are being taught the highest quality. We are glad that the WCSD supports this ongoing development by directly supplying high quality coaches from the Lecture and Writing Project of Teacher's College. Read your child through the Reader and Writer's Workshop to share what they learn.



Buena Vista was selected to participate in a WCSD learning environment pilot program. This past spring, WCSD set up a commission on elementary education which was responsible for leading the district to redesign simple schools in order to meet the demands of students for the 21st century. This group of lecturers and directors reviewed research on the subject, explored their personal experiences and engaged in a design sprint to create the following statement of intent for the project: "We work to develop learning environments that allow our students to interact, cooperate, be innovative and insightful while encouraging them to think. Developing classroom environments for classrooms in the 21st century is crucial for meeting the needs of current students. To turn our learning areas into flexible furnishings goes far beyond them. Research shows that it has a deep feeling of belonging and intention to pursue a happy, fulfilling life. With the creation of spaces that reflect the broader need for a' linked' climate, we will guarantee that students get what they need at their fingertips.


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  • Brandman University


And of course after you’re done visiting any and all of these amazing schools don’t forget to visit us at Kwon & Jabbour Dental Clinic on La Casa Via in Walnut Creek!