Smile Design

Smile Design

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to enhance and transform an ordinary smile into a beautiful one that you will be proud to show off.  Every smile is different, and to determine what can be enhanced is the first step in Smile design.  A Smile Design is the blueprint of your mouth.

As your Walnut Creek CA cosmetic dentists, our Smile Design consultations include photographs, models, bite records and measurements.  To achieve ideal facial harmony we take into account:

  1. How much of your teeth are visible in your smile
  2. Where is the gum line in your smile and how much of it is visible when you smile?
  3. Do your teeth follow the contour of your lip?
  4. Is the size of each tooth in correct proportion to your face?
  5. Do you have dental restorations that are chipped, stained, or unaesthetic?
  6. Is the color of your teeth harmonious?
  7. Are there missing teeth? Worn teeth?  Crowded teeth? Gaps between teeth?

Determine Your Goals

Before we recommend or begin any treatment, we talk with you about your personal goals for your smile and perform a thorough exam to assess your oral health. It is important that we maintain good function in addition to enhancing beauty.

Improving your smile may be as simple as a whitening process, or it may require more involved treatments such as placing veneers, crowns, orthodontics, replacing missing teeth, or gum lifts/grafts.

You Can Trust Our Expertise

Both Dr.’s Kwon and Jabbour have devoted hundreds of hours of advanced training in cosmetic dentistry and their experience provides you with predictable results that will meet your expectations.  Factors such as materials selection, bonding techniques, phasing treatment for tooth movements/gum surgery/implants, are critical in producing the ideal result.

Schedule a Smile Design Consultation

If you have been considering enhancing your smile, schedule a consultation at our Walnut Creek CA dental office and find out what is possible for you.