Waterford At Rossmoor

 1860 Tice Creek Dr, Walnut Creek, CA 94595, United States


Retirement Home is a form of senior care service that provides home-based personal and medical assistance to sick, disabled, or elderly people in need. Waterford At Rossmoor has retirement home senior care options in Walnut Creek, CA for elderly adults. This senior care provider is located at 1860 Tice Creek Dr, Walnut Creek, CA.

Independent Living is what the Waterford at Rossmoor,  a Nursing Home in Walnut Creek, CA., is offering to its senior residents.

Waterford At Rossmoor is an assisted living facility located in Walnut Creek, California. Assisted living facilities provide support for individuals who need assistance with their activities of daily living.This care environment offers an advanced level of care for people who are unable to live independently comfortably, but do not yet require skilled nursing facilities such as those offered at a nursing home around the clock.

The perfect place for elderly people, it has a convenient location for everything they need such as Physical Therapy, set up doctor's appointments. Apartment Rooms boasts great views and expansive entertainment facilities. Good food, and great service to boot!

For some seniors, it is a wonderful place for independent living with various meal choices as they say. It is marketed as resembling life on a cruise ship. They provide lunch and dinner selections, a private cinema, weekly social drink parties and even have their own hair salon! The dining room at Waterford is excellent and a perfect match for our seniors to enjoy a delightfully safe and well structured living environment!

Considered as independent, congregate Living, Water at Rossmoor varies from a life-care retirement community mainly because you are purchasing your own condominium home. This means you can sell your home in Waterford at any time, or it may be included in your will and testament should you want it to be. You maintain equity and homeownership tax benefits, and gain the advantage of any value appreciation. Age requirement is 55 and above, or have a spouse within this age requirement to live there.

This significant landmark is located near the following locations in Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, California:

  • Tice Valley Community Gym
  • ManorCare Health Services-Tice Valley
  • United States Postal Service in Rossmoor
  • Legion of Honor, San Francisco in Rossmoor
  • Rossmoor Tennis Buckeye Courts
  • Atria Valley View
  • Hillside Complex/Clubhouse
  • St. Anne's Catholic Church


And of course after you’re done visiting any and all of these amazing locations don’t forget to visit us at Kwon & Jabbour Dental Clinic on La Casa Via in Walnut Creek!