Tice Valley Community Gym

  2055 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94595, United States

One of the better Bay Area community centres, the gym is especially well thought out. It has drop-down panels that allow the spacious gymnasium to be divided into 3 courts. A typical window could have full swing volleyball, basketball, or even badminton. Bleacher and chair sitting choices for the various courtyard areas.

Sports drinks and snacks are available through vending machines. The bathrooms are locker room style without the showers (it's not a health club or swim center for the general community). Dance studio, other classrooms special. Wide sitting room in the lobby of the building.

The outdoor grounds and playground are made for all ages thus making it a popular stopover.

Perfect system for kids-right up to kindergarten. In a dance room, numerous educational play areas are set up: Reading Area with children's size chairs and a nice book collection for children. A STEM area with magnetic gears, a putting green, a basketball area, a soccer area, gym mat area, and Duplo Block building area. A dress-up area with costumes & accessories to wear, art table with sheets of paper and color markers, kitchen, grocery store, house with more pretend play items like a fully equipped play kitchen, baby size table and chairs, small kids with strollers, high chair, and crib, a grocery market with play food and a cash register with paper money and coins. It also includes a puppet show area.

A parent or carer must always be with the kid. There is a member of the staff sitting outside the glass wall. Restrooms are outside (changing table, but no sink or toilet in the preschool level or a stool to enter the ADA bath).

This is a great place to play during a cold rainy day or a hot summer day, as it is indoors in a large dance room. Bright and sunny too!  Has mirrors in the dance room and big windows looking back on the trail.

Some might consider this community gym more like an athletic center.  It is a good facility for ball sports such as volleyball and basketball and even aerobics.  It is a huge facility with sufficient capacity to accommodate four volleyball courts and still has extra space for spectators.  The lobby is nice with a huge viewing window of the courts and gym with chairs and tables set up. The primary gym has three basketball courts covered with floor to ceiling glass walls, which are sectioned off.  There are several other smaller studios used for the lessons of zumba and jazzercise. The premises are clean and are well run. Women's locker / restroom was good.

In addition, this place has wifi so you can bring your kids to basketball and get caught up on work during sports drills. It has a free parking lot and is easy to get in and out of the building, convenient if you are also pushing a stroller.

All in all, this is a fantastic facility providing or making available equipment and/or services that encourage levels of intentional physical activity particularly in areas that would not generally support a commercially viable service.

This modern community facility is located near the following locations in Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, California:

  • ManorCare Health Services-Tice Valley
  • Waterford At Rossmoor
  • United States Postal Service in Rossmoor
  • Legion of Honor, San Francisco in Rossmoor
  • Rossmoor Tennis Buckeye Courts
  • Atria Valley View
  • Hillside Complex/Clubhouse
  • St. Anne's Catholic Church


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