Rossmoor Tennis Buckeye Courts

3425 Tice Creek Dr, Walnut Creek, CA 94595, United States


In early 2014, Rossmoor opened a new tennis center in Buckeye Grove with eight tennis courts and a social center. The Rossmoor Tennis Club provides competitive play and competitions including matches against tennis clubs in the nearby Bay Area. Non members of the club are also welcome to play or use the courts.

Information about Tennis Club events can be found at the tennis center in Buckeye Grove. You can also contact President Bernie Wolf at (925) 381-9201 or check out their official website at

The courts are well maintained and the resident players are found to be friendly and nice. You can find the courts off Tice Creek Drive, just east of Avenida Sevilla.

Rules were introduced for resident and guest use of the Buckeye Tennis Complex which consists of eight high-quality tournament courts and related facilities. The goal is to establish rules regulating the use of the Buckeye Tennis Complex:

  • During daylight hours courts are open for play. In particular, players should avoid excessive noises and conversations during early morning and evening hours which can inconvenience local residents .
  • Courts are for use only by members of the GRF and their accompanying guests.
  • Usage of the court is first-come-first-served, unless previously reserved. Before playing, all players must sign the register in the kiosk and include the time shown in the kiosk on the court clock, and the court number allocated. Member shall meet teaching professionals at the kiosk and sign in for court if the court is to be used for instruction.
  • Each sign-in allows courts to be used for single matches for one hour and double matches for one hour and thirty minutes, unless there are no other players waiting for a court.
  • When one of the following happens, a court is made available: the court is empty. Time has expired. There is no time specified in the registry to sign up. The time to sign in is later than the time of the court clock. There are no next scheduled waiting players available to take up the vacancy. A court is properly occupied by at least two players or one person using the ball machine.   An active player may not necessarily be on a court waiting list.
  • To sign up for a court on the waiting list, a minimum of two players must be physically present, except that one person may sign up for use of the ball machine. First waiting players must alert the active players when their court time has expired, without entering the court. Active players will end the current game and then have to give up the court immediately.
  • Food and smoking are prohibited inside the fenced court area. Also not permitted are glass containers of any kind.
  • Shirts must be worn and tennis shoes must have non-marking soles at all times.
  • Observe the agreed tennis etiquette rules and courtesy guidelines. Leave the premises cleaner than you found it and return cleaning tools after use to their proper place.
  • During the week, the complex may be closed for short periods for maintenance.
  • No user-owned ball machines are permitted without prior GRF approval to avoid damage to the courts. For details on how to get an endorsement, residents can contact the GRF Recreation Department.
  • During “Open Tennis”, which means 4 or more players per court, there is no need to sign up. The play order is somewhat rotational rather than first-come-first-served.

This beautiful tennis complex is located near the following locations in Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, California:

  • Tice Valley Community Gym
  • ManorCare Health Services-Tice Valley
  • Waterford At Rossmoor
  • United States Postal Service in Rossmoor
  • Legion of Honor, San Francisco in Rossmoor
  • Atria Valley View
  • Hillside Complex/Clubhouse
  • St. Anne's Catholic Church


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