ManorCare Health Services-Tice Valley

               1975 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94595, United States


Choosing the right skilled nursing facility can be crucial for your quick recovery. Manorcare Health Services - Tice Valley in Walnut Creek, CA, in Contra Costa County to be specific, has a number of care and therapy services to assist you in getting back your independence.

A senior living facility in Walnut Creek, California that provides skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities for hospital-to-home transfer for residents, ManorCare Health Services, also provide post-acute services. This advanced quality care helps to shorten or remove stays in the hospital, laying the foundation for a good discharge.

Services they offer include: Physical, occupational and speech therapy with high intensity, cardiac rehabilitation, skin and complicated wound care, I.V., stroke and other common neurological therapy procedures.

ManorCare provides rehab facility quality health care options with individualized plans and a range of post-acute services, including a dedicated MedBridge unit, to address the specific needs of patients and ensure that they receive outcome-oriented care that will accelerate their rehabilitation and return home.

There are trained nurses, therapists, and licensed healthcare treatment providers to help you through your customized therapy. If you recover from a visit to the hospital or need continuing medical assistance, Manorcare Health Services - Tice Valley will help you achieve your personal goals.

ManorCare Health Services offers clinical care and treatment programs to meet the needs of hospital-level patients to be able to return home. There is a parking lot for guests at the front and it's usually pretty easy to find parking as a visitor.  The facility is very clean, it has well-trained staff, the staff members are very nice, there is always a friendly greeting from the front desk and warm smiles through the hallways.

They have been trained to smile at everybody. They're always there to help. They are quick to respond to calls for help. If residents are struggling with something like opening a door or pushing a wheelchair, the staff members immediately come to your assistance. Without a doubt, Manor Care is the perfect option for recovery.

ManorCare Health Services— Tice Valley in Walnut Creek, CA has a High Performing short-term rehabilitation rating and Average long-term care rating. It is a medium-sized facility with about 120 rooms, and has corporate ownership for benefit. ManorCare Health Services — Tice Valley is not part of a retirement community of ongoing care. It is a part of Medicare and Medicaid.

This amazing facility is located near the following locations in Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, California:

  • Tice Valley Community Gym
  • Waterford At Rossmoor
  • United States Postal Service in Rossmoor
  • Legion of Honor, San Francisco in Rossmoor
  • Rossmoor Tennis Buckeye Courts
  • Atria Valley View
  • Hillside Complex/Clubhouse
  • St. Anne's Catholic Church


And of course after you’re done visiting any and all of these amazing locations don’t forget to visit us at Kwon & Jabbour Dental Clinic on La Casa Via in Walnut Creek!