What Is Oral Prophylaxis Treatment?

Oral Prophylaxis

How did you last have a dental cleaning? You need to read on to learn about the value of dental prophylaxis if you think that doesn't matter. A basic technique is a big part of an oral health care scheme required to avoid cavities, gum disease and tooth loss caused by dental illness. Prophylaxis can eliminate the need for costly dental treatment, such as filling a tooth or treating gum disease. And you just have to do that twice a year.

The medical term strictly a preventive measure for professional dental cleaning, prophylaxis is. Prophylaxis, part of your dental checkup, is used to remove dental plaque and other oral cavity irritants.

When they settle on your teeth, these deposits form dental tartar, which leads to most dental problems. Unfortunately, some of those residues with daily brushing and flossing can not be extracted. Prophylaxis is one way to ensure a clean bill of oral health -- at least for the next six months!

Freshen Your Mouth and So Much More!

Dental prophylaxis is more than a simple cleaning of the teeth. Several steps are implemented during the test to track and improve the health of your teeth. The dental hygienist must first take X-rays to check for any signs of deterioration in the tooth. Your dentist will review the X-rays and also test with a detailed oral exam for any dental problems. Next comes an ultrasonic dental cleaning or scaling and root planing to remove contaminants from your teeth. The dentist will most likely talk to you about any care options he or she thinks are needed. Once you're in the clear, your teeth may be polished by the dentist or dental hygienist to give you a bright smile. Dental prophylaxis is not only necessary for the preservation of your teeth but is also used to treat the early stages of gum disease. Your dentist uses special tools to remove dental tartar, which you can't do yourself. Dental tartar can build up and begin to shape under the gum line without regular visits to the dental system. This may eventually lead to periodontal disease, which has not been treated, that may result in tooth loss. Advanced stages of gum disease that cause mouth-borne bacteria to enter the bloodstream and spread to other parts of the body. Studies have shown that gum disease has indeed been associated with heart disease and stroke!




Here are other reasons to see your dentist for prophylaxis on a regular basis:

Dental Education -- Your hygienist can look for teeth that have a larger buildup of dental tartar and show you areas that need improvement in your oral hygiene regimen.

Cosmetic Purposes -- Prophylaxis helps remove some stains from your teeth.

Health Reasons -- Dentists also test for oral cancer over the course of the exam. Dental safety has also been associated with overall health. Not only can oral disorders affect your health but there are signs in the mouth of other physical ailments. Many dentists are qualified to look for symptoms of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa, HIV or AIDS, and many more.

Children's Dental Health -- Children are particularly vulnerable to dental problems, and when it comes to their teeth have special needs. During tests, fluoride or dental sealants are often used to protect the teeth and help prevent tooth decay. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry is suggesting that children get their first dental appointment by one year. Children suffering from dental distress and concerns can be taken for their appointments to a pediatric dentist.


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