What Does An Invisalign Do?

A great deal of powerful technology and doctoral experience come together to form your latest smile into a virtual project. After your online project has been completed, our state-of - the-art printing process makes your custom aligners.

No gross teeth molds are available here. Our iTero Element ® scanner allows the doctor to easily take an exact 3D image of your teeth. Made from more personalized aligners that are designed to ensure comfort. Specifically developed for the Invisalign ® systems, our SmartTrack ® material ensured a superb match. Through pioneering research, Invisalign ® treatment transform smiles. There's a leading team of engineers and experts behind every clear line to boost your road to a lovely smile.

Analysis and observations are turning more smiles into new ways. Better and more comfortable aligners. New alignment characteristics to treat more cases. New ways of controlling tooth motion.

Trimmed for you. The gumline is different for everyone, which is why each aligner is separately trimmed. The effect is a great look and feel aligner. Performance regulated. Performance is all when your smile is on the line. In order to comply with our high quality standards, each of your unique clear aligners is examined.
It's the first day of your new smile and time to take your first lineups from your doctor's desk. Your smile is in good hands. This is a major step forward. You're never yourself with Invisalign treatment.Your doctor will take your first aligner: make sure the aligners are good for you. He/she will answer your questions, too.

Simple, invisual alignments do not disturb your life. And you can see your success at every point so enjoy your smile as it shifts. Do not stop living your life. Continue to eat all of your favorite foods. Stay actively involved in all your enjoying sports and activities. Just as you usually do, keep brushing and flossing without brackets or wires to stop you doing it. Without the hassle of brackets and cables, you will receive less emergency visits. The clear alignments of your Invisaligns are almost invisible, so that people may not even notice you wear them.  From movie night to coffee with friends, you will be set for anything. Just take your alignments out and eat and drink, before brushing your teeth again. Please wear clear Invisalign aligner for best results 20 to 22 hours a day. Parents, the coordination markers for your teen will be blue to guarantee that they are wearing them appropriately.

When recommended by your physician, you can wear each set of aligners for one to two weeks. Perhaps every six to eight weeks, you can schedule checks to test your progress and get the next aligner set. Few visits to doctors means more time to live. You can feel a little additional pressure or discomfort during the first few days when you start wearing can new set of aligners.

The aligners can be wiped. Rinse and wash your aligners with your toothbrush every night so you can keep them clean and fresh. Use the cleaning system Invisalign to clear the alignments.

Invisalign ® is similar in cost to braces, but the resemblance ends here. Invisalign clear alignments are removable and virtually invisible, just so your life and teeth can be taken care of as you always have during your treatment.