Arbolado Park

Arbolado Dr, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

My kids’ favorite is this park! They have two play structures, which are available for both small children and older children. The park is set up such that shade is abundant. There is a BBQ picnic area with grills provided. These can be reserved ahead of time for groups, and they aren’t very expensive at all. In addition, they have really clean bathrooms, which is always a win. My children never get sick of coming here. It’s amazing. However, I am glad that they are learning the joys of playing outside, using their imaginations, and making friends. I cannot bring them here everyday, but they would have me do it if I would! 


In high school I used to come here all the time with my friends and just hangout. I returned recently, over more than a decade later,  with me bringing a child of my own. I was returning to visit my family, and thought that I would stop by and see my old stomping grounds. I was stunned by the upgrades! All the upgrades were amazing, and really helped to add value to the park There are excellent playgrounds now, with age-appropriate play structures! It's always been a beautiful park and a great place to hang out, but now it is even better still. It's certainly a place to check out if you have little ones. I hope my child can have an experience like this when she gets older, because it is extremely touching. 


This is just simply a lovely neighborhood park! This is exactly the type of park that is always portrayed in the movies, where the neighborhood kids can just come, hang out, and create their own little worlds. I would not say that I am an overprotective parent, but I like to know where my kid is, and I do not typically let them go places by themselves. However, this park is the one exception. I want my child to have fond memories of hanging out with other kids their age, creating a child society, and making bonds that could last a lifetime. Hence, my child is allowed to walk to this park and hang out with his friends here. He is even encouraged to do so. I am so grateful to have a park like this within the neighborhood, and I would recommend to others to find one for their children too!

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