Why Should I Replace a Missing Back Tooth?

walnut-creek-cosmetic-dentistSometimes it seems as though our emphasis on many things in life is focused on those things that we are able to see.  Unfortunately, our smile and oral health can be jeopardized when we fail to broaden our perspectives and consider the Big Picture.  This idea is especially important when we consider the value of our back teeth, areas that are not always visible when we smile.

Your Walnut Creek cosmetic dentist understands how easy it can be to underestimate the importance of replacing a missing back tooth.  Molar teeth, located in the posterior of the mouth, serve an important purpose.  These teeth help with chewing and proper occlusion.  Without replacing these teeth, your chewing ability and your dietary options can have a negative effect on your health.

Just one missing molar can force you to alter your chewing pattern or cause you to favor one side of the mouth for chewing.  Using one side of the mouth primarily for chewing can add extra stress to the remaining teeth as well as the jaw joint (TMJ).

Your choice to replace a missing back tooth offers proper distribution of force during chewing.  It also helps with common shifting that commonly occurs when teeth are missing.  Teeth have a natural tendency to shift.  They are held in place by the adjacent teeth and the teeth in the opposing arch.  Over time, significant vertical or horizontal shifting can occur if the missing tooth is not replaced.  Replacement of a missing back tooth can typically be achieved with a dental bridge or dental implants.

When teeth are missing, an alarming degree of bone loss may occur.  Preservation of the bone is vital to maintaining optimal periodontal health, and can be accomplished with dental implants.  Implants can provide successful force distribution and also maintain proper spacing.

Replacement teeth also give our face a natural shape, and the consequence of a missing molar is often an aged or sunken appearance.

Remember, all teeth serve a purpose and provide balance in our dental health. Your cosmetic dentist in Walnut Creek can provide you with more information when discussing your tooth replacement options. Call to reserve your appointment today.