Why Does My Smile Look Gummy?

Cosmetic-Dentist-in-Walnut-Creek-GummyWhat are your options when you have great teeth, but your smile is still less than perfect? Perhaps the issue has more to do with your gums than your teeth.

Everyone has their own perception of a perfect smile.  Ideally, most of your smile should consist of equal amounts of the lower and upper teeth with a minimal amount of gum tissue showing.  Sometimes, when you can see more of the gum tissue and less of the tooth structure, your smile can tend to appear particularly “gummy”.

The good news is that there is treatment available to make your smile closer to ideal perfection. Your cosmetic dentist in Walnut Creek may be able to provide a practical solution to your problem.  A common solution for a gummy smile is crown lengthening or gingivoplasty.  These treatments are designed to reshape healthy gum tissue with a dental laser and naturally lengthen the appearance of the teeth.

In most cases, this can be performed with the help of local anesthetics and can be completed in just moments. The dental laser reduces bleeding and swelling while promoting quick healing. When the gum tissue is removed, you will instantly notice that more of the tooth structure can be seen.

When we are satisfied with our smile we tend to smile more freely.  Having a “gummy” smile may cause self-esteem issues and treating the condition is a great self-esteem booster for many patients.

You no longer have to live with a gummy smile, or resist the urge to smile broadly in public. There is a safe, comfortable, and effective solution that can gently eliminate excessive gum tissue and leave you with a natural and balanced smile. Your Walnut Creek cosmetic dentist has the expertise to suggest the dental treatment options that will be most flattering for you.  Call your today to discuss your options.