Walnut Creek Dentists Offer Advice on the E-Cigarette Trend

There has been a growing trend in the cigarette industry that has captured the attention of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Vaping, the practice of inhaling vaporized nicotine from an electronic cigarette, has become a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes. The CDC warns that smokers may be underestimating the health risks associated with this form of nicotine.

Teens and adults who use electronic cigarettes should disclose this information to their Walnut Creek dentists, since the nicotine exposure elevates the risk for oral cancer, and other health conditions.

Vaping occurs when liquid nicotine is heated inside of an e-cigarette. These devices are available in sweet varieties like bubble gum, watermelon, and green apple. Plus, there are no federal regulations in place to restrict the sale of these devices to children and teens. Some states have placed age restrictions on the sale of e-cigarettes, but have been unable to limit online sales.

Even as we see a dramatic increase in the rise of this product, there is little evidence or information available regarding the risks. Some smokers are turning to this electronic option in an effort to quit smoking or to reduce the damage that comes from tobacco smoke. But, parents should be aware that the product still contains toxins and carcinogens that are not recommended for children.

It is important that parents discussed the consequences of smoking, both tobacco and electronic, with their children and teens. Openly discussing the potential risks, and understanding that even vaporized nicotine can be toxic to your health can help young adults to make a healthier decision.

If you are using electronic cigarettes, or considering it, you should discuss your thoughts with your Walnut Creek dentist. As the healthcare community learns more about the risks and benefits your dentist can share that information with you, as it applies to your oral health.

Trying to quit smoking, or have questions about vaping? Call to schedule your dental appointment today.