Get a Grip on Plaque

It’s not normal to lose your teeth just because you are getting older. Sure, there’s an increased risk for tooth loss as you age, but with help from your Walnut Creek dentists, you can fight it every step of the way.

Your first responsibility is to understand and control the accumulation of plaque. Plaque is an invisible film of germs that forms in the mouth and sticks to the teeth and gums. Based on the levels of certain bacteria within the plaque, you may be more susceptible to infections like tooth decay, gum disease, or both.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to see plaque, but you can be sure that it is covering every surface of your mouth—all of the time. It is virtually impossible to eliminate all traces of plaque, but your efforts to minimize it will help you to avoid the dental diseases that could result in tooth loss. Then, during your routine dental checkup, your dentist and hygienist can evaluate your progress.

Brushing the teeth and tongue after meals, flossing, and using a fluoridated toothpaste continues to be the very best way to control plaque. These methods are also the best way to remove the food residue, particularly carbohydrates, which fuels plaque bacteria.

If your opportunities to brush and floss are limited due to your busy lifestyle, you can still help yourself by making a commitment to a strong oral hygiene regimen each morning and at bedtime.

If you find that you are challenged by the tight spaces between the teeth, pockets under the gums, a dental bridge, or a permanent retainer, there are a number of products available for your unique needs. Power toothbrushes, floss threaders, oral irrigators, and other products can make your routine much more efficient.

You can save your teeth, protect your health, and beautify your smile when you improve your plaque control habits. For more information about your oral health, contact your Walnut Creek dentist today.