Walnut Creek Dentist offers Natural Solutions for a Healthier Mouth

Going Green isn’t just a popular trend for many of us; it’s a responsible way of life. Paying attention to the products that we use each day can help to protect the environment and also improve our health. Often times, there are natural alternatives for the products that we use every day, including dental products. However, before you make a change to your oral care routine, speak to your Walnut Creek dentist for help in finding the right dental products for yourself and your family.

Essential oils like Tea tree and myrrh have great antibacterial qualities which help to keep bacteria levels down and help to promote healthy oral tissues. These oils can be found in lots of toothpastes and mouthwashes at your local health food store, but they are also available in many of the national brands that have been approved by the American Dental Association.

If you are more prone to cavities, you may select ADA- approved products that contain Aloe Vera Gel, which has been proven to prevent or reduce tooth decay. It can help you to fight cavities and you’re your tooth enamel strong. Of course, active tooth decay is serious infection that requires professional treatment. Once your cavities are under control, consult your dentist for recommendations of natural products that fight and prevent future decay.

If you suffer with sore gums after dental treatment or your gums are bleeding after you floss, using mild salt water is a great way to help speed healing. It is also helpful in healing the tissue after a tooth extraction. This solution is not recommended for patients who have chronic dry mouth or hypertension, nor is it recommended for the treatment of gums that bleed due to active periodontal disease.

Your dentist in Walnut Creek wants you to have a great smile, and its okay to ask for suggestions or advice about safe, natural alternatives. For more information on choosing the right products to help keep your smile naturally beautiful, call to schedule your appointment today.