Typical Causes of Tooth Loss

Walnut-Creek-CA-DentistThe thought of tooth loss can seem unreal to many of us.  However, tooth loss affects many patients, although in most cases, tooth loss can be prevented.  There are several common causes for tooth loss.  Regular visits to your Walnut Creek CA dentist are a crucial part of tooth loss prevention.

Accidents happen and tooth loss is a common result of many of them.  Trauma to the mouth can result in immediate tooth loss or loss in the future.  There are also cases in which a tooth has been so severely broken that removal of the tooth is necessary.  Prompt treatment where trauma to the tooth has occurred may decrease the chances of tooth loss.

Advanced periodontal disease is also a common cause of tooth loss.  Routine visits and cleanings performed by your dentist are a crucial part of your oral health care.  Periodontal infections, bone loss, and eventual tooth loss are the result of periodontal disease.  If you believe you may have periodontal disease or may be at risk for periodontal disease, discuss your concerns with your dentist right away.

Tooth decay is one of the most common reasons for tooth loss.  Tooth decay can be treated with fillings or crowns depending on the severity of each case.  However, left untreated decay spreads throughout the tooth making the tooth vulnerable to breakage and infection.  If the tooth is severely broken, losing the tooth may be inevitable.   Your dentist will be able to diagnosis decay and hopefully provide treatment before tooth loss occurs.

Overcrowding of the teeth is another cause of tooth loss.  Sometimes teeth position themselves where they can fit.  These positions may be undesirable for the patient.  Orthodontics may not be an option for the patient.  If the tooth is causing discomfort, affects the patients speech, or is unable to be kept clean extraction of the tooth may result.  If you do not have an orthodontist, ask your cosmetic dentist in Walnut Creek CA for a referral.

In most cases, tooth loss can be prevented.  Make oral health a priority and help reduce the risk of tooth loss. Call to schedule your appointment today.