Stay Active in Walnut Creek CA with an Athletic Mouthguard

soccer players need mouthguards tooStudies show that up to 40% of sports-related injuries involve the face. Up to 20% of those injuries impact the teeth and jaw. Although there’s no piece of protective gear that can prevent any injury from occurring, there is something that can help protect your smile: an athletic mouthguard from Kwon & Jabbour General & Cosmetic Dentistry in Walnut Creek CA.

Don’t get sidelined by a sports-related oral injury. Stay in the game with a custom-made athletic mouthguard.

Not Just for Football Players

We all know that folks participating in contact sports need an athletic mouthguard. But you might be surprised to learn that tennis players, gymnasts, skiers, martial artists, skateboarders, cyclists – and many more! – need them, too. The American Dental Association recommends wearing an athletic mouthguard when practicing and competing.

The Mechanics of a Mouthguard

Athletic mouthguards are fashioned from safe, durable acrylic and fit snugly over teeth for protection. But they don’t just protect teeth; athletic mouthguards defend all of your oral structures against injury.

It’s reported that not wearing a mouthguard during athletic endeavors increases the risk of oral-related injury by a whopping 60%! We think that the cost of an athletic mouthguard from your Walnut Creek CA dentist is a small price to pay to improve your chances of escaping injury.

Custom-Made for You

A custom-made mouthguard ensures a proper fit. We’ll take an impression of your smile in order to craft your athletic mouthguard to the exact proportions you need. A mouthguard that fits well increases comfort, which increases the likelihood that you’ll wear it!

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