Scientists May Help Walnut Creek Dentists Treat Pizza Burn

In recent years, we have seen a notable increase in the creative use of dissolvable oral strips. These products have been marketed for teeth whitening, cold and flu treatments, and have even been used to freshen your breath. The use of a thin, specially designed strip that will dissolve when exposed to moisture has changed the way that we think about administering all types of medications and healthcare products.

Soon, you may find dissolvable oral strips in Walnut Creek dental offices for another important use: The Dreaded Pizza Burn! A research team of pharmaceutical, biomedical engineers have found that the pain of an oral burn could possibly be managed when a topical anesthetic is delivered via a dissolvable oral strip.

The scalding pain that comes after an encounter with hot cheese, soup, or coffee can be so severe that eating and drinking may be almost unbearable. Painful ulcers and blisters from a burn are difficult to treat inside of the mouth, and waiting for them to heal can feel incredibly long. Although the dissolvable burn strip has not yet been tested in humans, the concept is intriguing and the outlook is favorable.

The strip, which is designed to deliver a local anesthetic such as benzocaine, will stick to the burned tissues inside of the mouth and begin dissolving slowly to alleviate the pain. Benzocaine is a commonly used topical pain reliever that can be found in dental offices and drugstores. It is non-toxic and non-irritating, safe for children and adults. The goal of the product will be to deliver instant, adequate pain relief for an extended time frame while promoting healing of the singed tissue.

Researchers will continue to improve this product in terms of taste and affordability before it will be made available to the general public.

To find out when dissolvable oral strips will be available to treat your pizza and coffee burns, talk to your dentist in Walnut Creek today.