Orthodontic Treatment for Adults is Easier Than Ever

Technology betters our lives in many respects. We have smart phones practically capable of serving as personal assistants. Cochlear implants restore sound to the hearing impaired.

Technology has changed orthodontics for the better, too. That is evident in the treatment options available to adults who require retreatment, or never had treatment as children and seek to make smile improvements.

Adults who visit our Walnut Creek dental office and request orthodontic treatment frequently have very specific demands in terms of aesthetics. They don’t want others to notice they are in orthodontic treatment. Thanks to the technology behind Invisalign, that isn’t an unreasonable demand, says Dr. Hani Jabbour.

Dr. Jabbour and Dr. Julie Kwon have undergone extensive training to become certified providers of this cutting-edge treatment. Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners that gradually shift teeth into proper alignment during the course of treatment. Our patients undergoing this form of treatment are given a series of aligners at each appointment. They wear each aligner for a couple of weeks before graduating up to the next in the set.

As we previously mentioned, adults commonly cite aesthetic improvements as their primary reason for desiring Invisalign. They want straighter teeth, a prettier smile and they want that achieved invisibly.

While we are advocates for improving aesthetics, there are other great reasons for undergoing treatment as an adult. Many people don’t realize that properly aligned teeth have oral health benefits.

Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth, a Minneapolis orthodontist who has treated patients with Invisalign and a variety of other orthodontic appliances, tells her adult patients that properly aligned teeth are easier to keep clean.

“They provide fewer areas in which food particles can get stuck and plaque can accumulate,” Dr. Eisenhuth says.

Aligned teeth also benefit gum health, because when plaque can’t collect in areas that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush, gums stay healthier and periodontal disease is kept at bay.

Another reason many adults ask about Invisalign treatment is because they went through orthodontic treatment during childhood and their teeth have shifted in adulthood.

“It is natural for teeth to shift as we age,” Dr. Kwon says. “Sometimes adults need some touch-up treatment to get their teeth back into ideal alignment.”

Following treatment, Drs. Jabbour and Kwon advise patients to continue wearing their retainer occasionally, even after their retention period has ended to ensure teeth remain in alignment.

We want everyone to feel confident about their smile. If you’re interested in learning whether you could benefit from Invisalign treatment, please call our office to schedule a consultation.