Nine Months and Flossing

You’ve been lectured about brushing and flossing throughout your life. It’s an important part of your normal oral hygiene routine. These habits are especially important if you are pregnant or considering pregnancy. Pregnancy is among the most common health conditions that are known to increase your risk for plaque buildup and periodontal infection.

It’s important that expectant mothers place a special emphasis on oral health during these precious 9 months, but also before and after the pregnancy. Through each stage of your journey, your dentist in Walnut Creek CA is here to help.

Expectant mothers tend to be more susceptible to gingivitis and inflammation due to hormonal changes. Fortunately, these early signs of gum disease are reversible when they are identified and treated early enough. The very best defense against this inflammation is daily flossing, and pregnant women should be diligent about their oral hygiene in order to manage the early symptoms of gingivitis.

The effects of uncontrolled gum disease can be seen both during pregnancy as well as during delivery. Studies have shown that women who have gum disease during their pregnancies were much more likely to develop a potentially life-threatening complication during delivery, known as preeclampsia.

Scary health conditions aside, there’s another reason to make a strong commitment to flossing during pregnancy. Cravings for various foods, frequent meals, and difficulty brushing thoroughly (due to nausea) can increase your risk for tooth decay. As your eating habits begin to change, you’ll also need to adapt your oral hygiene habits along the way. Taking special care to remove plaque buildup and food particles can protect the health of your teeth as well as your gums.

Although you may develop a closer relationship with your toothbrush during your pregnancy, don’t ignore your dental floss. Flossing is still the only way to remove the food and plaque that are found between the teeth and below the gum line.

For more answers to your questions about your oral health during your pregnancy, contact your Walnut Creek CA dentist for an appointment today.