Handling Dental Emergencies

Emergencies happen every day throughout the world.  There are ways to help prevent emergencies and certain protocols to have in place if one should occur.  The dental office can be faced with emergencies just like anywhere else, and it’s comforting to know that your dentist in Walnut Creek, CA is well-prepared.

Being prepared for a dental emergency involves both the knowledge and skill of what to do and having the proper equipment on hand.  There are certain precautions that can reduce the risk of an office emergency.

All patients should complete a thorough medical history form.  Every dental professional in the office should be aware of all medical alerts, conditions, and medications for each particular patient.  This is easily noted through tags or pop ups on patient charts.  Each patient should undergo a general physical assessment along with oral examinations.  If we are aware of the possibility of dental emergencies, certainly we are able to address them more proficiently.

Our dental office has a dental emergency manual.  This manual outlines the chain of command in case of an emergency.  Patient’s vitals, medication listing, and phone numbers will be readily available to give to emergency responders if necessary.

During a dental emergency all dental treatment will immediately be stopped. The dental professionals will then assess the patient to decide which action to take next.  Sometimes, oxygen may be administered until emergency responders arrive.  In case of a low-glucose crisis, we adhere to the first-aid guidelines that recommend keeping items such as icing or orange juice available to offer to a patient.

Our dentists and staff are also trained to administer CPR.  We believe that our knowledge and preparedness are vital to your health. Documentation, office drills, and an effective detailed manual can help make the difference for successful treatment of a dental office emergency.

Your Walnut Creek CA dentist is prepared to provide professional treatment in the event of a dental office emergency. Contact our office today to learn more.