Good Oral Health Habits for Kids

Dentist-in-Walnut-Creek-CA-Kids-Oral-HealthThere is so much to learn when you are raising a child.  All the information can be overwhelming.  But when it comes to oral health, your Dentist in Walnut Creek CA has got you covered.  They can help you take the right steps to creating good oral health habits that will last your children a lifetime.

Start Good Habits Early

It is important to keep your child’s mouth healthy from the start.  Infants should have their gums gently wiped with a damp washcloth after every feeding.  This will help keep bacteria down and prevent thrush.

Brushing and Flossing

As the teeth began to grow, brushing and flossing becomes very important.  If your child is under age 2, use a toddler toothbrush with water or infant toothpaste to clean the mouth after meals.  After age 2 you can use a pea-sized amount to fluoride toothpaste to help clean and strengthen their teeth. Use floss or a hand-held flosser to get between teeth that touch.  If you can’t brush between them they need to be flossed to remove bacteria.  This routine will help make brushing and flossing to become normal habits.

It is also important to let your kids get involved with their home care from an early age.  Let your toddler hold their toothbrush and help you brush their teeth.  As they get older, let them brush and floss first, providing help if necessary.  This fosters a sense of responsibility and helps to make it fun for them too.  Look for videos, books, and songs that talk about having good oral health habits.

Keep it Going

The best way to ensure good oral habits for your kids is to keep it going.  Make oral care at home an important event in which everyone participates, even mom and dad.  Keep up with regular dental visits.  They can help you to reinforce good habits and give you tips and tools for making good oral health habits fun!

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