Explore the Advantages of Same-Day Crowns in Walnut Creek

The revolutionary technology that allows us to make top quality dental crowns in a single day is perhaps one of the most advantageous offerings in modern dentistry. Dental crowns have always been respected as the best way to add strength and beauty to the teeth. The life of teeth that are weak due to fractures, large fillings, or previous root canals can be dramatically extended by the complete coverage that crowns provide.

When you choose a Walnut Creek dentist who offers same-day crowns, you can enjoy each of the benefits of a conventional crown plus a number of other impressive perks:

Timely– Having your tooth (or multiple teeth) crowned and finalized today means that you won’t have to schedule a second dental appointment, miss work, or spend time away from your family.

Convenient– You won’t be fitted with a temporary acrylic crown and there will be no temporary adhesives. Your new crown is ready for your daily routine as soon as you leave the dental office. This eliminates the inconvenience of not being able to chew or the fear that your temporary crown could come off unexpectedly.

Comfortable– The impression process for same-day crowns is completed with a simple coating of reflective powder and a digital image. There are no messy impression materials and no bulky impression trays to hold in your mouth.

Accurate– Your dentist knows how your crown should be designed, and there is no need to communicate with an outside dental lab. Every detail can be addressed and perfected before you leave the dental office, and you can ensure that your crown fits and looks exactly as you would like.

Environmentally Sound– One less dental visit, less impression materials, no lab slips, and shipping boxes equates to a process that is clearly safer for the environment. Same-day crowns generate less waste and that’s a smart choice for the world in which we live.

To find out if same-day crowns are right for you, schedule a visit with a CAD/CAM dentist in Walnut Creek today.