Dental Bonding in Walnut Creek: An Economical Alternative

If you want to improve the appearance of the teeth that show when you smile, consider dental bonding from Kwon & Jabbour  in Walnut Creek CA. Bonding can erase imperfections such as chips and discolorations and close spaces between teeth. It can even be used to change tooth size. Cosmetic dentists Dr. Hani Jabbour and Dr. Julie Kwon offer bonding as an economical alternative to more expensive treatments. The results can be stunning!

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding involves the use of high-quality composite resin to cover chips, fill gaps, change tooth size, and conceal dental flaws. The doctors custom-tint the resin to match natural tooth color for a realistic appearance.

How does dental bonding work?

After the bonding material is mixed to match your exact shade, it’s artfully applied to teeth using special adhesives and sculpted to deliver the desired results. A curing light hardens the material for longevity and durability. As a final step, our Walnut Creek CA cosmetic dentists polish and refine the hardened resin for impeccable results.

Is dental bonding durable?

Yes. Bonding can withstand natural chewing forces, although we recommend that you refrain from activities that put undue pressure on teeth, such as nail biting and chewing on hard items.

What are the benefits of dental bonding?

  • Bonding costs less than other cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as porcelain veneers.
  • Often, anesthesia is not required during the bonding process.
  • Results are immediately visible.
  • Little or no reduction of tooth enamel is required for bonding.

Is dental bonding right for me?

Call Kwon & Jabbour General & Cosmetic Dentistry today to schedule a consultation. Your Walnut Creek cosmetic dentist will help you decide if dental bonding is the right choice to deliver the smile you deserve.