But It Doesn’t Hurt!

Cosmetic-Dentist-in-Walnut-CreekWe often associate dental problems with the feelings of pain or various levels of discomfort.
Unfortunately, some harmful dental conditions are not painful until irreversible damage has occurred. For your protection, your Walnut Creek cosmetic dentist will check for clinical or radiographic signs of these conditions at each dental visit.

Oral cancer if not detected and treated early can be not only harmful, but deadly. Oral cancer can be on the tongue, cheeks, lips, and even on the palate or in the throat without causing any immediate pain. At most routine dental visits, an oral cancer exam will be completed to screen for any signs or symptoms of disease.

Periodontal disease can be pain-free as well. Periodontal disease can lead to mobility and loss of the teeth. Unfortunately, these symptoms are not generally painful at first. Your only warning signs may be bad breath or a little bleeding during brushing. Your dentist and hygienist will examine you for signs of bone loss and root exposure that could signal a deeper problem.

Cysts and abscesses in the jaw bone are two types of painless lesions that can be detected with x-rays. There may be no pain or any evidence of cysts other than on the x-rays. Some of these are not harmful while others may indicate cancer. It is suggested for a panoramic x-ray to be taken every 3-5 years. This x-ray provides a clear picture of the upper and lower jaw and would show any cysts or tumors that may be present.

Bad breath is a very common complaint among dental patients. Although this condition is not painful it can be an embarrassing and annoying sign of certain harmful conditions. It has been associated with many underlying conditions such as diabetes, cavities, and gum disease.

Don’t rely on pain as an indication of a serious dental disease. It is important to keep all of your routine dental appointments so that your cosmetic dentist in Walnut Creek CA can perform a thorough and accurate screening for these conditions.