When your front or back tooth requires a full-coverage restoration, your dentist in Walnut Creek may recommend a dental crown. Here’s what you should know about these strong and versatile restorations:

What is a crown? A dental crown is a tooth-shaped restoration that is cemented over an entire tooth. It provides the coverage necessary to protect the tooth, and restore it to its natural shape and size, and strengthen the tooth to prevent it from fracturing.

What is a crown made of? Dental crowns can be made of different materials that range from gold, to porcelain fused to metal, to full ceramic.  The indications for each material can vary depending on how much tooth is remaining, if the patient clenches or grinds heavily, and if there are critical esthetic concerns.  Our Walnut Creek office uses the CEREC digital CAD/CAM system, an advanced technology which allows us to use the most durable tooth colored ceramics currently available. This equipment provides a precision fit, high strength and produces natural-looking crowns.  CEREC crowns are milled at our office, enabling us to complete your treatment in just one visit and eliminating the need for temporary crowns or 2nd appointments to cement the final crown.

When does a tooth need a crown?

  • To restore a broken/ cracked tooth, or one that is severely worn down
  • To protect a weak tooth from breaking (the crown holds the parts of the tooth together)
  • To cover a tooth with a large filling when there isn’t much tooth structure left
  • To cover a weakened tooth after a root canal treatment
  • To replace an existing crown that has decay along the margin
  • To support a dental bridge when replacing a missing tooth
  • To cover and complete a dental implant
  • When a tooth needs cosmetic enhancement

To learn more about the dental crown that is right for you, contact your Walnut Creek CA dentist today for a consultation.