Products that treat inflammation with powerful and natural ANTI-OXIDANTS which fight inflammation and premature aging of cells.

Perio Sciences Products:

ao gel

  • Perio Sciences AO ProVantage Gel
  • Perio Scineces AO ProRinse

pH control is the key component in Carifree products. Raising the PH is critical for maximizing the uptake of fluoride and remineralizing enamel as well as converting the type of bacteria to produce less acidic plaque in your mouth. We recommend Carifree products for patients with High cavity risk or those patients focused on cavity prevention.

We also use products from CariFree:

  • CTx3 Rinse
  • Ctx4 Gel
  • Ctx26 Treatment Kit

Tooth sensitivity, especially due to gum recession or worn teeth with thin enamel can cause sensitivity to cold, touch, and sweets. Fluoridex Sensitivity Relief combines Maximum strength fluoride with 5% potassium nitrate for sensitivity relief. It is ideal for patient who have sensitivity caused by gum recession, and thinning of enamel caused by wear, erosion and toothbrush abrasion.


Fluoridex Sensitivity Relief Toothpaste