In dentistry, we are committed to protecting your teeth from all kinds of damage, not just cavities and gum disease. Bruxism (chronic clenching and grinding), poor occlusion (teeth that do not fit together properly), and even sports-related injuries can damage your teeth and destroy your smile.

When you visit our Walnut Creek CA dental office, we will utilize cutting-edge techniques to identify the source of the damage as well as correct the issues in order to prevent future damage. Our treatment methods are typically non-invasive and customizable according to your individualized diagnosis.

For conditions related to the health of your jaw joint, your occlusion, or the protection of your teeth, we may suggest one of the following appliances:

  • Night guard– This custom-made mouthpiece is designed to fit over the upper teeth or lower teeth to prevent the teeth from grinding together. It also prevents the muscles of the jaw joint from becoming engaged, a leading cause of headaches and TMJ pain.
  • Deprogrammer –This removable appliance resembles an orthodontic retainer and is used to aid in the diagnosis of a TMJ or bite-related problem. This appliance is also used to stabilize and evaluate your bite prior to beginning complex restorative procedures.
  • Sports guard– A professionally-designed athletic mouth guard prevents the teeth from clenching and allows the jaw muscles o relax during strenuous exercise in both contact and non-contact sports.

There are a number of over-the-counter night guards and other oral appliances available at drugstores and specialty outlets. Since these products are not customized, they may or may not be effective for you. By seeking a professional evaluation, your symptoms can be properly diagnosed and the appropriate appliance can be designed exclusively for you.

If you suspect that you are suffering from a bite-related dental condition, or you desire a customized, high-performance sports guard, contact your Walnut Creek, CA dentist today for a private consultation.