The way that your teeth fit together can have a tremendous impact on your appearance, your speech, your ability to chew, and the state of your oral health. Your Walnut Creek CA dentist recognizes the importance of a healthy occlusion (bite), and will often incorporate orthodontics into your treatment plan to correct any imbalance.

Even mild orthodontic problems that have been left untreated can progress as we get older. The teeth can become increasingly crowded and less functional. These problems can contribute to gum disease, cavities, gradually worn down teeth, chipped teeth and fractured dental restorations, as well as a hesitancy to smile openly in social settings. Even the health of the jaw joint can be overworked and compromised due to the strain of teeth that don’t fit together properly.

Fortunately, orthodontic care can be used to correct all sorts of bite-related conditions such as crowding, overbites and underbites, spacing, and jaw alignment. In fact, more than a million adults are currently turning to orthodontic treatments in order to restore the most ideal esthetics and function. That’s because orthodontic treatment is reasonable and practical at any age, as long as the teeth are healthy.

Sometimes, bite-related conditions can become recurrent. Many adults who received orthodontic care as children have noticed that the teeth have gradually drifted out of position. Without the diligent use of a retainer, it is virtually impossible to maintain a straight and balanced bite. In light of that fact, it is not uncommon to undergo an orthodontic retreatment in order to regain a bite that was once ideal.

During your initial comprehensive exam, we will evaluate your bite in order to determine the ways in which it may be influencing your current oral health. We will also consider the ways in which your bite may impact your future dental work. If necessary, we may recommend traditional orthodontics or the revolutionary Invisalign method.

We look forward to providing you with the orthodontic care that is best for your smile and your health. Contact our Walnut Creek CA dentists today to learn more about your orthodontic alternatives.