My journey with Invisalign started at Hani Jabbour’s dental office in Walnut Creek. After the excellent experience I had with the standard dental work, I wanted to try aligning my teeth, because I had a rotated tooth from childhood and it affected my self-image. The Invisalign process was surprisingly pleasant and the period of adjustment did not take long. As Invisalign is made of high quality invisible plastic, people around you don’t even notice any difference. It took me more than a year to get my teeth realigned, but now I can finally smile confidently in any occasion! The staff at Dr Hani’s office was extremely professional, friendly, and easy going. After finishing with my Invisalign braces, believe my experience was worth every penny!

– Vlatko D.

I love what the ZOOM! Whitening has done for my smile. The procedure was easy and comfortable and I felt perfectly relaxed. Everything was explained to me before each step and the staff at Kwon and Jabbour were wonderful! My teeth have never looked better! I would definately recommend ZOOM! to anyone who wants a better smile!

-Jennifer B.